Struck By Lightning - Chris Colfer

 Struck By lightning
Author: Chris Colfer
Pages: 272
published: November 20th 2012
Spoilers?: Yes. 
My Rating:  5/5 stars


I must say, was a bit scared to read this book because it was written by a famous actor. I usually avoid those books like the plague. mostly because of Tyra Bank’s disaster of a book. But this one was actually really good.

I’ve read a lot of good books, and a lot of shit, so I mostly know how to part those two, and this was, in my opinion, one of the better.

We meet Carson Phillips who is angry at life and especially his home town Clover and his high school, and it’s written in a sad yet very witty and smart way, that guides you smoothly through the story of the main character.


Carson is like that friend I wished I had in high school. He is, for me, easy to indentify myself with, because I went to school with a bunch of people who didn’t like me. His anger is easy to recognize. I found myself thinking: Carson and I would have made a pretty fine team. I love when such a thing happens while reading a book.

So as you can gather from that, I really liked the main character, and I think that’s one of the most important things in a book.

Making a likeable main character isn’t easy, but Chris Colfer managed it beautifully.

I’ve read a bunch of books where I didn’t like the main character, where I was like: when is he/she going to die? (Or something equally tragic) And they just don’t, because they are the main character (duh.)

Then there’s the books where the main character dies and you really liked him, but it’s somehow okay because it’s part of the story and the bigger meaning of it. That’s what ‘Struck by lightning’ is like.

Struck by lightning made me both really sad, and really happy. 

Sad because Carson never got to live out his dream.

And happy because I made me want to live out mine even more now.

Read the book, it’s brilliant.

(Ps: That article in the end is like frosting on a cake, I was the last little thing that pushed me to give this book five stars)