Pages For you - Sylvia Brownrigg

Pages For You

Title: Pages For You
Author: Sylvia Brownrigg
Pages: 264
Published: April 18th 2001

Short Summery:
17 year old Flannery falls in love with her teacher Anne, who's apparently amazing and pretty. so yeah.


So after that stunning summery, we'll jump right into the review.

So I will start with saying that I have nothing against homosexuality, though I'm about to give this book kind of a bad rating, just so you know, that’s not the reason. Now when that's said, I'll have to say that, though the author clearly tried to make their relationship seem passionate and exciting, to me it actually lacked passion and their conversations seemed boring and somewhat out of place compared to the plot.
Flannery could have been an interesting character, if she had had more edge to her.  instead, to me, she came out as a little whiny and of course very confused which I assume was the whole idea, so… moving on.

Anne was a bit more interesting, she could have been a bit more developed, she did have some rough edges, but I didn’t mind it as much as I did it with Flannery.

 The writing was actually not bad, it was very lyrical, which I like, and had movement.
So in the end I have to give this book one star and a half, I did get through it fast enough, but I didn’t enjoy it, and it didn’t bring any wow-feeling up in me, so yeah.