Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

Title - Twilight
Author - Stephenie Meyer
Pages - 498
Published September 6th 2006
Spoilers? - Yes
My rating - 1/5

Now, I don’t think that’s necessary.

I have a confession to make, when I was a thirteen year old girl, I loved this book to a stage where I was completely obsessed, and I am really embarrassed about it now.

My review of it then would have sounded a bit like this:

O M G, this is sooo good *wink* I feel like I might DIE, it’s sooo mysterious and well written and everyone should looove it as much as I do. 

But, I did a reread a little while back, and I now have a different opinion (luckily) so lets get into it.

things that I feel are wrong in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer:

#1: Bella. Bella is a flat character, and I know she’s supposed to be a little dull, and that the reader is supposed to be able to take her place basically, but, when you write a series containing four books, she needs to be a little bit more than that. also the fact that she can’t live without Edward, makes her a weak female lead.
I wont get into ‘strong female characters’ now, but I can safely say, Bella Swan isn’t one.


#2: Edward, Creepy Mc Creepy pants. stop it. it’s not sexy. you’re an old old man.

*ahem* lets move on.

#3: The relationship. To me Bella and Edward’s relationship sounds a bit unhealthy. the fact that Edward could kill Bella by accident and Bella still stays with him? and the fact that they’ll rather die than live without each other, even though they’ve known each other for what? half a year? a year? I don’t know. but nothing about this says romance to me.

Also have anyone even wondered why Bella likes Edward, apart from the fact that he’s pretty and skips school? And why Edward likes Bella apart from the fact that she smells nice? it’s too easy and it doesn’t make sense. any writer can make two people fall in love, that’s not hard, but making it seem reliable is the tough part.

I have to say, I understand why this book is appealing to some, but I honestly think it puts the wrong images of love into people. I know it did for me.

I am genuinely sorry if I have hurt some Twihards’ feelings, but this is simply my opinion on a book that I don’t understand have sold so many copies. 

See ya’